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Polystyrene 3D Logos

3D polystyrene logos. Freestanding, wall mounted or hand-held. Manufactured in Ireland from good quality display grade expanded polystyrene.

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    Polystyrene 3D Logos

    We produce 3D logos for smaller wall mounted installations, all the way up to giant free standing logos for events and festivals. We have a range of economical house fonts, but can also work from a designated font – or customer art work.
    We are able to cut 3D polystyrene logos in any size you would like, and can also cut from your custom art work. It is worth being aware that some fonts can be very fragile when realized in 3 dimension, so we may need to make some alterations here and there.
    We produce letters, logos and signs from as small as 30 mm high to over 3 meters.

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